Nostalgia - Minecraft 1.2.6 Alpha Server

Run by real humans, like the old days


Hello, 599 subscribers.

I have come back to this old website to find all of you here, wow.

I also have some bad news, and that is with a recent update you can no longer have alpha servers with minecraft accounts.

You may be asking, what? why?
There was an update that changes your account from a username to an email, and updated settings so there is now no way to connect to old servers.

I am VERY sorry, and will try my hardest to find another way if I can.

Thanks for following this, and you can now find me on my youtube channel.

Thank you all. Updates maybe soon!

What is this all about?

This server is all about bringing back the old minecraft. We are making this server available only to certain people, to keep the community small. We have been playing since alpha, and miss the old days and want to bring them back. Playing with friends, one type of tree, the feeling of not caring what your base looked like- as long as it is big and cool. 

Our server will be hosting minecraft Alpha 1.2.6, and you will need the jar to join the server. We want people to bring this back, to get feels about the game and remember what it is like.

Remember this? When cobble had dark lines, the shadows were not smooth and chests were a full block and did not even open? These kind of things are what we want to bring back.

How will we do it?

We will run the server on our own computer to be up 24/7, but not hosted on any hosting website. It will be a completely vanilla server with no OPs, and only one admin. We will release the IP adress to people who join the website to keep the community small.

We want to prevent griefers, and modern-day minecraft players, so when you join you will be asked questions. This server is purely survival and purely fun, so we will not have PVP or Griefers or even a main spawn. It will just be a fun community to play with.

For an example of a community we want, watch ZachScottGames's channel. He and his friends had a minecraft server back in alpha, and had a nice community- this is what we want to have.

Who are "we"? What is your team?

Our team is run by KonaZero, and a few other friends. We have been playing since this version. We have a lot of experience with minecraft overall, and love to play the game. We are based in Austin, Texas.

I want to play on this server! How can I join?

Just click on the button below, and get started on the signup process! It is easy, and requires basic knowlege of the old game.

We hope you have fun in this community. Tell your friends!